Winter 2015 fashion trends


Pitti 87 ended with a record number of participations, and for winter 2015 fashion trends revolutionize the contemporary men wardrobe, inventing fresh styles, boldly mixing colours and trends, almost exaggerating by adding creative details, vintage notes, fantasy or underground harmonies. Next year, men’s fashion will mainly turn to creative urban style. Shirts are the real protagonists of the Pitti event,¬†versatile items designed for several purposes, suitable both for office and […]

Men’s scarves: a stylish accessory


Men’s scarves are one of those accessories often overlooked in menswear Scarf is one of the oldest accessories: the habit of wrapping a scarf around the neck and head exists since man discovered the processing techniques and texture of the fabric. Men’s fashion is not excluded from the use of warm men’s scarves, in wool or cashmere for cold days, stoles and shawls to adorn elegant coats, foulard and silk […]

Winter essentials: corduroy


Corduroy against cold Corduroy, characterized by the visible twisted texture, is considered a casual fabric, yet more elegant than denim. Wider cords are generally more informal, while thinner ones in brown, black, gray or khaki are also acceptable for work dress in a business-casual look. Formal and elegant occasions are the only contexts when you should not wear it. Corduroy pairs well with other smooth fabrics which make it stand […]

Pitti 2015: live to walk


From 13th to 16th January 2015, Fortezza da Basso in Florence, as every year will welcome the charm of men’s fashion with Pitti Immagine Uomo 87. The international exhibition of fashion and lifestyle is already announced as a record edition, with the presence of over a thousand brands, not counting women’s collections. An unusual journey among beauty and elegance in all forms, from fashion to art, from design to sport, […]

Men’s suits, rules for a successful business look


Your outfit plays a fundamental role at work: when selling or in a job interview, the first impression is important because it may often be the only one that you can give. Your look needs to inspire trust and credibility, and also indicates your level and position of your workplace. Thus it conveys where you come from, but more importantly, where you want to go: information that we capture from […]

Celebrities’ tips about men dress suits


Classic dress suit, the one which men usually wear for their wedding or for a very important event where a dressing code is imposed, generally leaves little freedom for creativity, due to its rigid formal rules. However, it’s still possible, while maintaining the classic elegance of a sharp outfit, to add a few personal details, and choose an original style that reflects your personality and the context of the occasion. […]

Customized gifts for Christmas


Make unique your Christmas, surprise a special person! Christmas celebrations are getting closer, and there’s nothing better than surprise your friends and dear ones with unique and customized gifts, to show your affection and attentions and offer a refined and useful gift. A gift is never an easy choice, because of the risk of not meeting the taste of those who receive it, especially when it comes to men, whose […]