The charm of blue jeans


The traditional blue jeans, five-pockets model, are definitely the most famous trousers of men’s fashion, a must-have in the wardrobe of every man, regardless of age and lifestyle. It is said that Italian Genoese sailors were the first to wear the famous work pants in blue canvas, when they exported the fabric from France to America. They were even worn by “i Mille” (expedition of the Thousand) of Italian general […]

Zanetti blouses launch the female section on Kamiceria


Kamiceria launches a women’s section with the new shirts collection of the Italian brand Zanetti 1965 Collections of Zanetti 1965 women’s blouses are dedicated to modern, dynamic and busy women, yet always attentive to details and aware of their femininity. With fifty years of experience and tailoring tradition behind, the Italian company Zanetti Moda, based in the north of Italy (Veneto) offers today collections of elegant and original women’s shirts, […]

U.S. POLO ASSN. classy sports shirts


For over a century, the American brand U.S. POLO ASSN. has been officialy representing the fascinating world of polo, the sport that by its very nature and tradition represents a symbol of class and elegance, more than any other. With USPA authorization, the national association which regulates this sport discipline, U.S. POLO ASSN. designs and produces apparel and accessories collections, inspired by the refined atmosphere of polo, and also by […]

How to distinguish shirt fabrics?


Every shirt has its particular type of fabric, but how to distinguish it? Cotton is one of the most common among shirt fabrics. Most fabric names refer to a particular method of weaving technique. What’s the weaving? Weaving is the art of realizing a tissue, obtained by the interlacing of differents threads called warps and wefts: vertical threads are called the warp, while the horizontal ones are the weft. The […]

Massimiliano Falcomer tells us about Tino Cosma ties


The tie represents the most creative detail in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Since the 40s, year when the company was founded, Tino Cosma ties have been the expression of a first rate Made in Italy product, characteristic that allowed it to become famous all over the world. In this interview with the Sales Manager Massimiliano Falcomer, he told us about the history of Tino Cosma ties, and their success. Massimiliano, to […]

Marsala colour of the year 2015


 The fashion colour choice this year will be marsala, Pantone® has announced it as the colour of 2015. Shirts, ties, and men’s accessories, for a refined and appealing look. ABOUT PANTONE ® Pantone Color Institute is the American company which for more than 50 years has been dealing with graphics techniques, colour standards in a variety of industries, and colour measurement instruments. It has become nowadays the global color authority […]

6 types of shoes for a stylish man


Shoes represent an element of strong visual impact. They influence the impression of your overall look, and even men’s shoes may become a real cult object, especially for connoisseurs. The favourite shoes in a man wardrobe are classic dyed, as black, brown, leather brown, matched with other accessories, although many prefer them in trendy colours: the great variety is such as to give everyone the opportunity to choose according to […]