Men’s jackets and the mismatched style


Men’s jackets, usually considered as part of a suit, actually are really versatile garments that offer many possibilities of interpretation, fitting in any style. The mismatched look, made by pairing trousers and men’s jackets of different nature, can be a good solution to mismatched clothes, but also for reinventing a look with originality. There are many possibilities: you can match clothes made of different fabrics, contrasting colours, or totally different […]

Cardigan: tips on how to wear it


The cardigan, a classic of men’s fashion, has recently become an irreplaceable element in the modern man’s wardrobe Due to its infinite diversity of models: long or short, in cashmere, cotton, wool blend and silk, worn as a jacket or under the coat, the cardigan is an essential piece, versatile, and suitable for every occasion. Even though men, especially young people, are often more likely to wear sweaters, cardigans on […]

Men’s Fall fashion outfit


Men’s Fall fashion news: warm colours and combinations of classic autumn fabrics, for a sophisticated and elegant day look. The classic plaid sport jacket, paired with a grey herringbone tweed vest, are the perfect accompaniement for a white button-down shirt. All combined with a brown wool tie, ton-sur-ton with the classic fedora hat for men, and a silk lavender pocket square.  WHITE SHIRTS: BROWN TIES: A double-breasted jacket […]

Tips and curiosities: tie knots


Symbol of elegance and refinement, the tie is always an important and irreplaceable detail in a classy man clothing attire. Basically, it is just a strip of fabric and at first sight, it seems a simple task tying it around your neck. Actually, to make perfect tie knots is a task that requires precision and experience. Despite the tie derives from the French word “cravate” and was invented in France […]

Hugo Boss dress up the World Cup champions


Kamiceria store is increasing again by adding the new Hugo Boss collection to its catalogue The famous high fashion German brand, already well-known in the Twenties, has become nowadays a real symbol of elegance and refinement. Not surprisingly, the German national football team, which we have recently seen as triumphants in Brazil, stood out not only for its playing ability, but also for the sharp look and style, meticulously studied […]

How to choose the right fit of a shirt – 6 tips


Finding the right fit of a shirt is far from a trivial task, indeed many men wear a looser or tighter size than their body build. A perfect fit definetly affects the comfort and changes the appearance and the look of whom wears it. Here are some practical tips that can help you to avoid any possible mistake when buying a shirt.   1. COLLAR: There is no question that […]

Ingram new winter arrivals


The new Ingram fall-winter 2014/2015 collection will be full of novelties. The new collection adds innovative fabrics and materials, to a refined design in line with the latest fashion trends, and the tradition of tailored shirts, which has always characterized the collections of this famous Italian brand. Classic is renewed in a modern and elegant key, with redesigned collars and new details to give birth to an original garment, yet […]

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