Customized gifts for Christmas


Make unique your Christmas, surprise a special person! Christmas celebrations are getting closer, and there’s nothing better than surprise your friends and dear ones with unique and customized gifts, to show your affection and attentions and offer a refined and useful gift. A gift is never an easy choice, because of the risk of not meeting the taste of those who receive it, especially when it comes to men, whose […]

Men’s pocket squares, a classic of elegance


Pocket squares, that is to say that small piece of fabric that men put in their jacket pocket, are one of those details of men’s elegance that despite the constantly changing trends, will never go out of fashion. As the contemporary designers impose their originalities even in a classic wardrobe, men’s pocket squares will always be a simple and effective way to add class and sophistication to both a strictly […]

Christmas, look and gifts for a classy man


Christmas gifts for men require special attention, both to avoid a banal choice and to meet the critical male sense. An idea that balances the utility and sophistication of a gift is to guide the choice towards an item of apparel, since Christmas holidays it’s time of family meals, business dinners and romantic evenings, there is often the opportunity to show your outfit in public. Outfit will depends on the […]

Cufflinks, men’s accessories that create your style


Some men’s accessories are fundamental personalized touch of class in a look: among them, shirt cufflinks are one of the most attractive examples, since they add sophistication and glamor to anyone who wears them. You need to choose adequate shirts if you want to wear cufflinks: this type of men’s accessories is used with particular cuffs. The classic model is called “French cuff“, commonly called “double cuff” in Italy. It […]

Men’s vest, back in style


Wearing a men’s vest, is a great way to make your overall look stand out and add some extra interest to your ensemble, adding a touch of class and professionalism. Men’s vest is an historical element of the male wardrobe, its first appearance date back to the seventeenth century in the English royal court, and then changed over the time until reaching its current aspect. Originally, the vest was worn […]

The ideal shirt collar


Most men do not pay much attention to the shirt collar, but this detail has instead a fundamental importance, especially when it comes to elegant outfits for special occasions or formal events, such as a wedding, an important date, a gala, or a business meeting. For this reason, you should not forget to pay particular attention to some elements when buying a shirt, among which the collar. In most cases, […]

Sweater, a man’s guide


Even though sweaters are often associated with a sporty or young image, they actually can be original and elegant items, suitable for enhancing any outfit and body shape. Undoubtely, they must be of high quality, as regards the yarn, the manufacturing and the design. You should also accurately choose the colour, in harmony with the overall look. Fabrics The top-level knitwear is the cashmere sweater. A cashmere pullover is warm, […]

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