How to dress well, according to your body shape [1/3]: Slender body

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Each person is different, we differ from each other in character and especially in body shape, so here are a few tips to dress well,  according to your body shape. By paying some attention to the clothing it’s possible to cover certain defects of your body and highlight instead the best parts!

The male body types can be divided into the following categories:


This body type is characterized by: straight forms, bony shoulders, thinner waist and hips than usual, nonexistent belly, skinny legs and buttocks.


This body type is characterized by: rather broad shoulders, well balanced body, proportional waist, narrow hips, muscular and sporty legs and buttocks.


This body type is characterized by: thick neck, high shoulders, cube-shaped trunk, robust legs and buttocks.

These are the three main categories of body types, which can then be divided by height: short, normal and tall.

In this post we’ll see how a man with a slender body can dress well, also according to his height, which directly affects the choice of clothing. In addition, we will analyze which of the current trends, that we talked about in a previous post, suit best this kind of body type.

A man with a slender body, to dress well, should focus on voluminous fabrics and knits, so that the body seems more robust. Also use of monochromatic clothing, with checks or horizontal lines, have a widening effect. Avoid wearing, very narrow and too large clothing, besides the use of wide ties.

If you are short and slender vertical striped clothes are recommended, in order to obtain a taller look. Avoid strong color contrasts between trousers and shirts, cuffed pants, bulky sweaters, very deep V-necks and large eye-catching belts.

If you are slender and tall instead, focus on horizontal lines and avoid the vertical ones. Avoid tight and very light sweaters.


Regarding the current trends, a man with a slender body should:


  • Suits in velvet
  • Checkered shirts and jackets
  • Colored ankle length pants


  • Strong vertical lines
  • Short & Slender: Bulky sweaters and strong color contrasts

In the next posts we will analyze the remaining two body types, with tips on how to dress well, so if you don’t have a slender body, continue to follow our blog!

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