New Year’s Eve Outfit

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Choosing the best New Year’s eve outfit

It’s time to think about New Year’s Eve and to choose the right clothing combination to start 2013 in the most pleasant and elegant way, wearing colors and clothes that best suit your personality and lifestyle. Whether in the mountains, in the snow, or on the streets of a big city, get ready to welcome the New Year 2013 with creativity and elegance!

Finding the most suitable combinations to pass the midnight

When taking about new year eve it’s usual to go outdoors almost everywhere, under the stars, especially in the mountains, or on the streets of towns and cities. To be comfortable all night, a bulky wool sweater, even in bright colors, is an always ideal garment. Specially for him, but also for her, it’s perfect matched with a pair of jeans, either classic or vintage style. A more sophisticated choice is a wool cardigan, maybe in cashmere, that can be worn over a shirt, that gives an elegant look, suitable for New year’s eve dinner in the evening. If the dinner is particularly elegant and chic, a classic shirt is a great choice, maybe even in an unusual or a fancy trend color.

The tradition of red

It is said, that to start the new year in the best way possible, it’s necessary to wear something red. So why not create the perfect look adding a touch of red? For men, it’s ideal to choose a red silk tie, or maybe a red pocket square. There’s also nice clothing available in red tones, darker colors for elegant occasions, while brighter colors are perfectly suitable for more of a trendy event. Who wants to stand out can choose even a shirt in a bright red color, or with red shaded patterns, to be matched with with dark, such as grey or black pants.

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