Men’s 2013 fashion trends for an irresistible summer look

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Colors and patterns are the thing in men’s fashion for the summer of 2013, they give new, creative and original details to men’s styles. Bold color combinations, light and refine fabrics, metallic effects, micro patterns and polka dots are here to brighten up spring shirts. Bright and colorful ties and accessories are perfect for an exciting and youthful season full of irony and sensuality. 

 Men’s fashion for spring/summer 2013 is full of colors

Men’s spring/summer 2013 fashion seems to have stolen all the most elegant and seductive colors from women’s wardrobes, which have then been reinterpreted in the most unusual ways, however with humor and imagination. The shades are mostly fresh and natural; beige, sky-blue, ivory, mixed with contrasting colors, such as emerald green, deep red, air force blue, orange and sun yellow, which are the colors of the new and trendy patterns. Also accessories play a big part in men’s 2013 fashion: silk ties, of course, but also lightweight scarves, bags, iPad and smartphone cases, etc.. 

Men’s shirts: what’s new in spring/summer 2013 fashion

The new color trends in men’s fashion include colorful, intense and curious contrasts and patterns, which give men’s shirt fabrics original and innovative looks. Fresh and light cotton and linen blend fabrics are also made with shiny and almost metallic effects, which bring up the natural vivacity of these seasonal colors and highlight the beautiful designs, patterns and stripes.

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