Short sleeve shirts, summer with comfort and style

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Summer has finally arrived, and the latest fashion trends for the sunny season of 2013, also include short sleeve shirts.

A slim fit short sleeve shirt, made in natural materials, such as linen or cotton, is a perfect garment for men who want to appear trendy and pay attention to their looks, it’s also a nice alternative to t-shirts and polos during hot summer days.


Young men usually choose a trendy version of the short sleeve shirt: adherent slim fit emphasizes the body and checked and striped fabrics, in vivid and showy colors, give a fresh and fashionable summer look. These trendy short sleeve shirts are ideal for casual occasions, but if you are looking for something more classic, there is the traditional version of it, too. A timeless short sleeve shirt with a loose fit, has been a part of men’s wardrobes for many years, these are available in solid colors, but also with thin stripes, and they are perfect for who loves the long-established men’s summer look and for those who want to wear a short sleeved shirt also to work, without giving up on elegance.

Although numerious designers and Italian shirt brands continue to show short sleeve shirts and many still consider them as must-have summer garments, a new trend is taking over it since a few years now. In fact, nowadays men increasingly prefer wearing long sleeve shirts, with the sleeves rolled up. This style surely is a valuable alternative, and as advantage, the shirt can also be worn during spring and fall.


However, the fact is that also this summer short sleeve shirts are a part of men’s fashion and divide opinions; There are those who love the look and those who would never wear it, another thing dividing opinions is, if the shirt should be matched with a tie. Some consider it an elegant garment that can be worn with a tie, whilst others think it should be worn for casual events only, always without a tie. Which side are you on?

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