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Linen fiber is a textile fiber obtained from the stalk of a small plant called Linum usitatissimum, it’s about one meter tall, with a few branches and small light blue flowers. In order to attain fibers of the maximum length, the plant is uprooted from the ground and the fibers are macerated. After elimination of impurities and combing, the linen fibers are ready for further yarn and textile processing. Although the cultivation of linen is quite common in Europe, Russia and Far East, the finest fibers are harvested in France, Holland and Belgium, which also have a valued quality mark for this material.

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Although linen fiber can be fabricated pure, it’s often blended with other textile fibers: natural fibers, such as wool, cotton and silk, as well as synthetic fibers, viscose and polyester for example. Blending textile fibers allows us to obtain fabrics of different weights, appearances and consistencies. Dipending on the fineness of the linen fabric, it can be used to manufacture clothing or household linen, that can be embellished with embroideries, lace and other crafting methods.


The composition of textile fibers determinates their characteristics and differentiates one from another. In fact, linen fabrics are durable, soft, resistant to frequent washing, absorb humidity, don’t cause allergies and don’t deform, because the linen fiber consists of 70% of cellulose. All these reasons make linen garments ideal for summer, for example a linen dress shirt is sophisticated, classic and always on trend.


In the summertime a linen dress shirt is a significant part of a classic man’s wardrobe, in traditional white or plain natural colors, but also with original patterns and stripes. A linen shirt for men is an elegant garment, but also comfortable and easy to wear at all times, it’s resistant and simple to match with both, elegant and sporty looks. Linen garments don’t require any special treatments or maintenance, so they can safely been washed in a washing machine and ironed with a steam iron.

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