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Embroidering your initials on your shirt

Embroidered initials

Embroidering initials on a shirt gives this item of clothing a personal look and makes people who wear it more fashionable.

In the past, this technique was used by wealthy people to show the ownership of garments and accessories, such as handkerchiefs and walking sticks. Nowadays, this habit has almost disappeared and initials are embroidered on shirts just for the sake of beauty. 

There are two techniques to embroider initials: by hand, with needle and thread, and by machine, mostly used by industries.Handmade embroidering exists almost only as a hobby, as a major part of embroideries are machine-made. However, embroidered initials make a shirt stand out, giving the garment an unique look. In addition, today men can take off their jacket more often to show off this decoration on the shirt!

So, what to take into consideration when deciding to embellish a shirt with embroidered initials:


Usually, the first name initial is embroidered first and then the one of your last name, but this is not a rule, in fact you should think what sounds better. In some cases it may be better to embroider first the initial of your last name and then the one of your name, for example WC – it’s recommended to convert it to CW. ;)


You should also consider where to make the embroidery. This depends very much on personal taste, however the most popular locations are on the front and on the cuffs. On the front, embroidered initials can be placed on the top of the chest, or in a middle position, anyway always on the left side of the shirt!


As far as the colour is concerned, you should generally choose a colour that makes the initials stand out, because if the tone is too similar to the shirt, there is a risk that the monogram might seem like a stain, however the initials on a shirt can also be ton sur ton (in matching tones). Different contrasting colours catch attention and provide many matching opportunities. Vice versa, initials and shirts with the same colour are perfect for more formal and elegant events.

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