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Use code: SPRING10 | minimum purchase 99 EUR

How to match jackets to shirts and ties

Matching jacket and dress shirt is all about style and elegance. If you do not want to make any mistake, just follow some rules that you should know and learn very well otherwise you might match colours or incompatible schemes incorrectly. Colours are the most important aspects you should take into consideration. A first basic rule is: never mix more than three different colours. In fact, apart from rare exceptions, you would run the risk of looking too eccentric or funny and ridiculous.

If you want to avoid a bad first impression because of wrong colours’ matching of your clothing, follow this general advice based on the so called Itten colour circle. The most important stylists use this strategy to choose the right colour combinations. According to this well-known circle, the rightest combinations are made by opposite pairs (for example, indigo and yellow) or roughly wide triangulations, as the figure below shows.   


However, Itten colour circle might appear difficult to beginners. Then, let’s see some practical example on how to match jackets to shirts, as well as how to match the tie. In the table below you can find many cases. The left column shows the style of that specific matching.

 Classic Plain coloured grey shirt White or light blue shirt Plain coloured or regimental (striped) tie
 Young Plain coloured grey shirt Standard white shirt with lilac, pink or blue stripes Plain coloured tie in the colour of the stripes
 Formal Blue jacket White or light blue shirt Plain coloured tie with shades of burgundy or vivid red pattern tie
 Modern Blue jacket White base shirt with white collar and cuffs, and blue or pink stripes Coloured polka dot tie
 Dynamic Beige jacket White shirt Checked dark brown tie or regimental brown tie
 Nonconformist Beige jacket Sky blue shirt /