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Men’s tie: types and matching

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Men’s ties should be chosen with the utmost care, because men’s look depends on them. It is one of the most important men’s accessories. In fact, the famous stripe, named tie (in French cravate) is prestigious for its importance and value: men show  their social condition by means of the different shapes, patterns and colours of their ties, a traditional detail that explains the high number of designs in the current market. 

The most important types of ties are: striped ties, polka dot ties, patterned ties  (animals, drawings, flowers and so on). You may have some difficulty when you have to match shirts and clothes: it is neither easy nor obvious to succeed.  Firstly, you should choose your jacket (or your suit), then your shirt and only at the end your tie, each time considering your build and height. Remember that you should always look well dressed and neat!

Here below you can find some rules to match your jacket, tie and shirt at best:

Your tie should have at least one colour matched with your shirt;

 You should never choose lighter ties than your worn shirt;

Shiny ties are more suitable for elegant events in the evening; the opaque ones should be worn during the day;

For formal events, light colours and plain patterns are more suitable; you should avoid bright colours; 

You should forget patterns in the same colour and size;

You should always avoid garish colours with pin striped suits;

Grey, light blue and blue tones are well matched to every suit;

Striped shirts should be worn with a plain or polka dot tie; vice versa, plain shirts can be matched to plain ties, provided that they match the colours of the suit, or regimental, polka dot shirts and patterns, always matched to the shirt’s and suit’s colours;

With small check shirts you should wear plain coloured ties that match the check’s colours; if the shirt has large checks, you should not wear any tie.

That’s all! Some little and easy tips to avoid making a bad impression: follow them from first to last, without giving up your personality and style!