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What do shirts’ prices depend on?

What do shirts’ prices depend on?




Shirts’ prices depend on many elements, first of all on the fabric. This latter depends, in turn, on thread finishing costs, then on the garment. Weaving is an important process, so that for example a fill fill shirt fabric (light fabric with a star weaving) is cheaper than poplin, whose canvas weaving has twice the number of warps than the woven fabric.

In the western countries, in particular in Italy, the production of top quality shirts is an old tradition, where handmade weaves and finishes are a brand or better a guarantee. Provided that fabric and weaving are the main factors to fix shirt’s prices, which details should you check to know if your purchase is worth the money or not? To us, the answer to this question depends on three aspects:


1Stitching - Stitching plays an important role to evaluate a shirt. The best shirts are in fact stitched and sewn from one side to another; then, they have many more stitches than lower-quality shirts. The more stitches a shirt has, the more durable it is. 

2Thermo-adhesive fixer -The second detail to set the quality and then to fix the price of a shirt is the thermo-adhesive fixer that joins the upper part with the lower part of the collar: if the thermo-adhesive is good, after multiple washes and ironings, the collar will be as good as a new one.

3Further elements - buttons, buttonholes, flies (triangles of fabrics set on the hems of the hips), overstitches and further details should always be taken into consideration when you have to evaluate the quality and the price of a shirt.

To sum up, you should always consider if the shirt is store-bought or handmade. In this latter case, time and handwork make the price inevitably higher.