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Use code: THREE | minimum purchase of 3 items

Buttonhole and shirt: taking care of the details

button down


The quality of a shirt is made particularly evident by its details. In this regard, the buttonhole plays a key role since it is a functional and fine element together with buttons, collar and cuffs. Just consider that each shirt usually has from 9 to 12 buttonholes with as many buttons of matching size. When you buy a shirt you should perfectly know each part of it. Therefore, let’s discover something more about a detail that is as small as important.  

Also known as eyelet, the buttonhole is a slot made on the fabric of any item of clothing (jacket, pullover, jeans or a shirt).  It is obtained by a first cutting and a following stitching of the hems. Nowadays this technique is performed by sewing machines whose results are much better than the ones made by hand. Everyone knows the function of buttonholes and hems, that is to say to provide a steady and safe closing of the different parts of the clothes.  

The position of the buttonholes is instead less known. They are placed on the right side of blouses and women’s wear; viceversa on the left side in menswear. Sometimes buttonholes are also set on small pockets and collars. This distinctive feature is named button down.

Let’s conclude this short description with a remark on the colour: whereas the colour of the shirt and of the buttonhole seam used to be the same up to some years ago, nowadays people generally wear shirts with buttonholes in different colours, in order to highlight these small and precious details.