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Use code: THREE | minimum purchase of 3 items

Cuffs and shirt collars: pay attention to their wear and tear

Cuffs and shirt collars



Today times have changed: it is true that beard and wristwatch, as well as a frequent cleaning, are the main causes for shirt collars‘ and cuffs‘ damage. Anyway, a better quality of life and more and more automated production processes have made the shirts‘ prices lower, without affecting the quality.    


Cuffs and shirt collars are the most delicate parts of a shirt. In fact, they are subjected to a continuous rubbing against wrists and neck, so that the fabric may deteriorate over time, above all on the edges. In the past, the remedy was quite drastic and consisted of replacing the damaged parts with a new pair of cuffs and shirt collar!  This depended on people’s poverty and indigence, mainly caused by the first and the second world war. 

Thus, replacing shirt collars and cuffs is not worthwhile any more because the work of a skilled tailor has a higher cost than the one of a new shirt. However, you could have one disadvantage here: you might not be able to find the same shirt model. On the other hand, buying a shirt is often an opportunity to widen your wardrobe, discovering new brands and adding original colours and styles to your wardrobe!