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Use code: SPRING10 | minimum purchase 99 EUR

How to choose the right men's shirt collar size

shirt collar size


Picking the right men's shirt collar size is a difficult task, when purchasing an piece of clothing like this.

Often, in fact, we forget our own collar size, in addition to the fact that every shirt manufacturer uses three different measurement units, which determinate the collar size. Just in Italy – this highlights the long Italian tradition in shirt production – there are two different ways to express sizes, in basic fits and in centimeters.  

 In the latter case, collar circumference is measured from the central point of the button, all around to the buttonhole on the opposite side. United States, Great Britain and some other counties are still using inches (2.54 cm) as base units for sizes. To better understand the dependencies between the different sizes, here below you can find a comparison chart for shirt collar sizes, with the Italian measurments in cm (usually stated on shirts to be worn with ties) and the U.S. measurements in inches.


CASUAL sizes

ITALIAN measurements cm

U.S. measurements inches


37-38 cm



39-40 cm

15 1/2" – 15 3/4"


41-42 cm

16" – 16 1/2"


43-44 cm

17" – 17 1/2"


45-46 cm

18" – 18 1/2"


47-48 cm



49-50 cm



Don't know your shirt collar size? Here are a few tips to avoid mistakes:

1. Wrap the tape measure around your neck, where the collar of your shirt will be.

2. Hold it firm at the front of your neck

3. Slip your index finger between the tape measure and your neck* and record the measurement.